MOH4 Reflection #34 Full Sap Moon / Blue Moon

Newcomers always welcome! Please join us!

Tonight, Saturday March 31, 2018 marks the second Blue Moon this calendar year. To commemorate such a rare occasion, the Moon Over Huronia Hash House Harriers will be gathering in the heart of Wyevale Ontario (5 Concession Rd 5. to be exact). First timers are always welcome. Things begin around 6pm as the local Kennel of Half-Minds gather to organize and prepare a Potluck Dinner. This continues until 7:30 when not so hungry Harriers, Half-Minds, Stragglers and the like, gather for the evening’s trail D’structions, chalk talk and introductions. With that the Pack sets forth on on into the evening, searching for the trail and snifting for sudzy yellow nectar, all the while reflecting about life under the Full Sap/Blue Moon.

Postscript ~ Hash Trash

The Easter sepulcher is a cavity in a mensa for containing relics of martyrs or a structure or a recess in some old churches in which the Eucharist was deposited with due ceremonies on Good Friday and taken out at Easter in commemoration of Christ’s entombment and Resurrection. But tonight’s trail had none of the like. Messiah decided to teach BackpackBoy-Dora how to lay trail and off they set into the wilds’ of Wyevale. Returning an hour or so later looking like drown rats, they boasted setting the best MOH4 Trail yet! Messiah must have been really tired from the exertion, for he immediately fell asleep on the couch, (or was was acting out some biblical reference about being in the cave for three days?). Either way the Half-Mind proceeded to fall asleep on the couch in the middle of everything, much to the chagrin of Samuel de Champain-in-the-Ass! Hosts Mudthumper & Out Of Mind treated the gathered Harriers to a succulent meal of pork tenderloin (done two ways), rice asparagus with bacon and onions, mixed greens salad with apples, almonds, dried cranberries and vinaigrette, followed with a homemade cherry pie dessert. Incredible! Thank you both for such a great effort, again! The shenanigans continued until Just Sam shouted out that she won’t be held accountable.  With that, Messiah sat up from his slumber on the couch and Christened her “Held Accountable”. So it goes… There were also virgins present: Just Ashley and Just Bernie, plus Returnee Just Jennifer. As the rain continued to pummel down, the Pack of Harriers decided to reflect on the Blue Moon from indoors and offer up blueberry jelloshot after blueberry jelloshot in toasting to the evening’s drowned out Full Blue Moon.

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